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Introduction to fruit vinegars

Vinegar contains about 5-10% of acetic acid, water and various other nutraceuticals. Acetic acid in vinegar is produced by fermentation of ethanol by bacteria(acetobacter). Vinegar is most commonly used in cooking, salads & in pickling.
Vinegar is also used in production of mayonnaise, mustard sauce, ketchup etc.
Fruit vinegars are generally produced by oxidization of fruit wines. The common flavors are apple, raspberry, Indian blackberry(Jamun), blackcurrant, tomato, fruits & herbs. The flavors & of the fruit & its nutritional value remains intact in the final product, adding health benefits.

Monday, 19 December 2016

Benefits of noni fruit cider vinegar

Noni- Morinda citrifolia is a tree which is native to Southeast Asia & Australasia. It comes from the coffee family. Noni has been used for thousands of years to treat diabetes, arthritis, inflammation, high blood pressure, various viral & bacterial infections & to improve overall body strength & immunity. It is also used for treating anxiety & depression, it is said to have anti-cancer activity.

Noni cider vinegar- ACI agro solution's noni cider vinegar has all the combined benefits of noni fruit & vinegar. Noni is a fruit which is very well known for its remedial values for various chronic & acute diseases. Vinegar also have very good remedial values & ACI agro solution's noni cider vinegar has the benefits of both.

Vinegar is used for treatment of diabetes, arthritis pain & noni is also used as an analgesic & also to reduce high sugar levels. Noni fruit vinegar has combined benefits of both.

Vinegar reduces free radical activity in the body & prevents development of cancer cells & noni is also helpful in reducing free radical activity & increasing nitric oxide levels in the body.

Noni & vinegar both are known to control high cholesterol levels in the body & prevent faster breakdown of complex fats, thereby reducing the risk of heart attacks, obesity & high blood pressure.

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