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Introduction to fruit vinegars

Vinegar contains about 5-10% of acetic acid, water and various other nutraceuticals. Acetic acid in vinegar is produced by fermentation of ethanol by bacteria(acetobacter). Vinegar is most commonly used in cooking, salads & in pickling.
Vinegar is also used in production of mayonnaise, mustard sauce, ketchup etc.
Fruit vinegars are generally produced by oxidization of fruit wines. The common flavors are apple, raspberry, Indian blackberry(Jamun), blackcurrant, tomato, fruits & herbs. The flavors & of the fruit & its nutritional value remains intact in the final product, adding health benefits.

Saturday, 17 December 2016

How to consume vinegar?

Vinegar is enjoyed by many people in their diets. People also consume vinegar for curative reasons. Vinegar is easier to consume & is also beneficial in many diseases & illnesses. It can be consumed by mixing it in water or juice, in the morning before meals. Intake of vinegars in low quantity is generally non-risky.

Vinegar is highly acidic because of presence of acetic acid. It should be consumed diluted with water because consuming it in concentrated form can damage the tissues of mouth & throat.
Cider vinegar can sometimes interfere with various medications relating to heart diseases, laxatives, diuretics & diabetes etc. You should first consult your physician before consuming vinegar if you are taking these types of medicines.

Vinegar can be used as salad dressings, making various dishes & even in a coleslaw. It gives a zingy taste when used as a marinade in meat dishes & can also be used in pickles.

There are also many other everyday uses of cider vinegars.

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