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Introduction to fruit vinegars

Vinegar contains about 5-10% of acetic acid, water and various other nutraceuticals. Acetic acid in vinegar is produced by fermentation of ethanol by bacteria(acetobacter). Vinegar is most commonly used in cooking, salads & in pickling.
Vinegar is also used in production of mayonnaise, mustard sauce, ketchup etc.
Fruit vinegars are generally produced by oxidization of fruit wines. The common flavors are apple, raspberry, Indian blackberry(Jamun), blackcurrant, tomato, fruits & herbs. The flavors & of the fruit & its nutritional value remains intact in the final product, adding health benefits.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

5 essential vinegars to keep in your home

1. White wine vinegar-
White wine vinegar is not as delicious as red wine vinegar but it keeps the flavor of other sauces & ingredients in the dish intact. It is a soft kind of vinegar & is not as harsh as distilled white vinegar.

2. Red wine vinegar-
Red wine vinegar is an all purpose vinegar, which can be used in salad dressings, sauces, marination & soups. It has a tangy taste & can be used in place of cider vinegar.

3. Cider vinegar-
Cider vinegar is generally made from apple juice fermentation & is a very healthy & delicious vinegar. It can also be used in place of red wine vinegar for salad dressings, marination or giving a flavour in soups. It is the most commonly used vinegar & is very beneficial for health.

4. Balsamic vinegar-
Balsamic vinegar is an exclusive for salad dressings & for purpose of marination. It can also be thickened into a syrup & can be used in various desserts & sweet dishes. It's taste is unmatchable.

5. Rice vinegar-
Rice vinegar is a light & sweet kind of vinegar which is generally used in asian food cooking. It is also an exclusive for variety of dipping sauces, salsa sauce etc.

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